• Kurzweil Prize for Best AGI Paper: $1000, sponsored by It is given to the paper of the highest overall quality. The prize goes to “Computational Versions of Kolmogorov Complexity Based on Cognitive Models” by Claes Strannegård, Abdul Rahim Nizamani, Anders Sjöberg, and Fredrik Engström.
  • Kurzweil Prize for Best AGI Idea: $1000, sponsored by It will be given to the paper presenting the most creative, innovative, interesting, and scientifically plausible idea about achieving AGI. The prize goes to “Resource-Bounded Machines are Motivated to be Effective, Efficient, and Curious” by Bas Steunebrink, Jan Koutnik, Kristinn Thorisson, Eric Nivel, and Juergen Schmidhuber.
  • Cognitive Science Society Prize for Best Student Paper: $250 and a complimentary membership in the Cognitive Science Society, sponsored by Cognitive Science Society. It will be given to the best paper on a cognitive science topic by a student first-author. The prizes goes to “When Almost Is Not Even Close: Remarks on the Approximability of HDTP” by Tarek Richard Besold and Robert Robere.