WEDNESDAY 2013-07-31

All available videos are now online in a playlist on YouTube. The videos are also linked below in the schedule. For Chinese people who cannot access YouTube, the videos are available here.

[8:30-12:00] Workshop: Formal MAGIC (Chaired by Ahmed M. H. Abdel-Fattah and Kai-Uwe Kühnberger)

[14:00-17:30] Workshop: Probability Theory or Not? (Chaired by Matthew Ikle and Laurent Orseau)

[18:00-20:00] Reception

THURSDAY 2013-08-01

[8:30-8:40] Conference Opening (Chaired by Pei Wang) (video)

[8:40-10:10] Keynote 1: Stuart Shapiro, SUNY Buffalo. MGLAIR: Modal Grounded Layered Architecture with Integrated Reasoning (presentation | video)

[10:30-12:00] Technical Session 1: AGI Architectures and Cognitive Systems (Chaired by Kristinn R. Thorisson)

[14:00-15:30] Technical Session 2: Learning in AGI Systems (Chaired by Marcus Hutter)

[16:00-17:30] Keynote 2: Thomas Dietterich, Oregon State University. Reflections on CALO: General Intelligence for the Desktop (video)

[19:30-21:00] Special Session: AGI in Asia (Chaired by Bo An and Ben Goertzel)

FRIDAY 2013-08-02

[8:30-10:00] Keynote 3: Dileep George, Vicarious Systems, Building A.I the brain way : triumphs and trials

[10:30-12:00] Technical Session 3: Programming and Natural Language Systems (Chaired by Zhongzhi Shi)

[13:15-14:00] AGI Society Business Meeting (Chaired by Ben Goertzel, open attendance)

[14:00-15:30] Technical Session 4: Theoretical and Conceptual Issues of AGI Systems (Chaired by Kai-Uwe Kühnberger)

[16:00-17:30] Special Session: Cognitive Robotics and AGI (Chaired by David Hanson and Il-Hong Suh)

[17:30-18:00] Conference Closing (Chaired by Pei Wang) (video)

[18:00-20:00] Banquet

SATURDAY 2013-08-03

[9:00-12:00] Tutorial: Stuart Shapiro. Building an MGLAIR Agent (presentation | video)

[14:00-17:00] Tutorial: Marcus Hutter. One Decade of Universal Arti ficial Intelligence (presentation)